Maximizing Your Phone Battery Usage Without Going To A Phone Repair Store

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A cell phone battery is undoubtedly one of the most important components of a mobile. No matter how high-tech your cell phone is or how latest is the version of your device, you will end up in a phone repair store with a faulty battery. 

Taking care of your smartphone battery is essential to keeping your phone in good working order. You won’t be able to get the maximum benefit from any latest apps or software unless you have a battery that can retain its charging time for a longer duration. 

By following a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your battery and keep your phone running like new for longer. Our skilled team of professionals from FixPoint, a leading cell phone repair store in Toronto, Ontario, has advised a list of tricks you can follow to maximize the working of your battery.

Hacks For Maximizing Your Phone Battery Life

A quick draining mobile battery is one of the most frustrating things about the device. Even if you use your phone sparingly, at times, it seems like you always have to recharge it. If you’re sick of being tethered to your charger, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your mobile phone battery. 

1. Adjust Screen Brightness 

Mobile phones set on the brighter screen setting often drain the battery quickly. Always adjust your mobile screen brightness to a dimmer level. 

You can also put your mobile phone on Auto-Brightness settings, which will adjust the brightness level on its own, saving the battery charge for other uses. 

2. Lower Screen Timeout Duration 

You can save on battery power by limiting the screen timeout to a minimum. Reduce your screen timeout duration from minutes to a few seconds, and save on your battery when you are not using it. 

Lowering screen timeout duration will also prevent accidental calls and screen touches while you are not using your device actively. This will not only keep your battery power saved but also save you from unnecessary visits to cell phone repair centers to get your mobile checked against any damages in the battery.

3. Adjust The Settings on Power-Draining Apps

There are many power-draining apps that keep on running even if you are not using them. They are draining your cell phone battery by waking up your phone, downloading content, sending notifications, and much more. So it’s always recommended to identify these apps on your smartphone and change the settings of these apps, limiting or preventing their usage to the minimum. 

4. Turn On Power Saver Mode

The power-saving mode in your mobile phone is truly a savior, especially when your battery power falls below 15%. The power-saving mode in most devices automatically reduces screen brightness levels, limits the processor speed, and stops any unnecessary power usage by apps running in the background. 

5. Turn Off Location Service 

The GPS receiver of cell phones is a major reason for fast battery power drain-out. Many apps require phone location to support the optimum working of their services. These apps may use your smartphone’s GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, or network tower locations for accuracy. To avoid unnecessary power drainage, turn off the location-sharing option on your device. You can adjust the settings on your mobile phone to access your location only when you are using a certain app.  

6. Keep Apps Up To Date

Keeping your Apps up-to-date when connected to WiFi will save unexpected battery drainage. Most apps keep on updating at regular intervals; it’s best to update your apps while your mobile device is connected to a WiFi network because if any app starts updating while your cellular data is on, it will drain your battery within minutes. 

For iPhone and other Apple devices, it is very effective to update the apps to the latest versions as many updated versions often include advanced energy-saving technologies. 

If you face any issues updating your iOS apps, you can always visit any Iphone repair store in Toronto, Ontario.

7. Turn off Data Roaming

The super fast 4G and 5G modems are major power consumers, and if you have poor network connectivity, they can totally drain your phone battery. Cell phone experts suggest whenever you are in such a situation where battery life is more crucial than connectivity, turn off data roaming for the time being. This will help you retain your battery for important tasks like calling someone for help or sending some important information through SMS etc. 

It is a known fact that one of the most important components of your smartphone that you need to take care of is the battery. Taking care of your battery life and adopting any measures you can to extend its power timings will keep your battery going strong all day long. 

Maximizing your phone’s battery life can save you a lot of trouble at a time when you need it the most. Following these simple guidelines, you can not only curtail your visits to phone repair stores but can also extend the life of your phone battery and keep it running like new.