How To Pick The Perfect Phone Case From A Phone Repair Store?

Custom Phone Case

For most smartphone owners, a protective phone cover is a no-brainer. Others prefer skins or slim cases that don’t interfere with the feel or appearance of their smartphones. But cases are much more protective and purposeful, according to phone repair store experts.

Fix Point will review some points to look for when buying a smartphone cover to strike a good balance between safety, style, and functionality. No mobile phone cover, at least not one that most people would be willing to carry around with them, is completely damage-proof. However, no matter how expensive your smartphone is, no cover can match the device’s quality.

What Should You Look for When Choosing A Phone Case?


A phone cover’s edges are its most distinguishing feature and one of its most understated features. When the case is installed, the front borders of the phone cover should extend beyond the screen. For one simple reason: if you dropped your phone with the screen facing down, the impact would be absorbed by the case’s protruding edges rather than the screen. That is, the addition of these protruding edges ensures that your phone’s screen will not be shattered when it falls to the ground.


People think a lot about how a phone case will look, but they rarely consider another factor that is just as important: how the case will feel in their hands. Noting how a phone feels in your hands is critical, as this is the simplest way to avoid dropping and damaging it in the first place. Is the phone secure when held with the cover, or does it appear slightly slick?
The issue with purchasing a phone case online is that you can’t feel the quality of the material until you’ve paid for it. That is why you must come to our phone repair store and try on a few different phone cases. We’ll point you in the right direction, and you’ll be able to test it out in your hands before making a final decision.

Guards Against Falls

Some phone case manufacturers claim ridiculous levels of protection for their products, claiming that your phone will be safe even if a tank runs over it during advertising campaigns. This is a powerful feature, but when was the last time you left your phone on the street and looked up to see a tank barreling down your road at such a breakneck pace that all you could do was watch in horror as your prized possession was trampled underfoot?

Most phones that come for repair at a cell phone repair store in North York, Ontario, are broken not because a tank ran over them but because the owner tried to multitask and dropped it while texting or eating a burrito.


Many people believe that strong security and stylish design are mutually exclusive. While this was true in the past, modern phone cases are designed to keep a slim profile while providing adequate protection. Many people, however, feel more secure with a more robust casing.

Check new features.

Think about any extras that could make the argument more appealing to you. For tablet covers, you may require a landscape stand. Some cases also have 360-degree hinges and can be locked in place. Most smartphones include kickstands extending from the back, but it’s important to ensure they’re securely fastened, as loose ones can be annoying. Make a shopping list of must-haves before you go to the cell phone repair centre, so you don’t forget anything.


Unfortunately, there is no one way to secure your phone completely. It is preferable to take precautionary measures to protect your phone rather than spending hundreds of dollars at the phone repair store. However, there are hundreds of phone cases to choose from. It all comes down to determining how much emphasis you want to place on security, aesthetics, and practicality based on your requirements.

Contact us to pick out the best smartphone case for your phone that will suit your needs and be aesthetically pleasing.