How to Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone?

How to Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone

According to phone repair store experts, iPhone batteries are usually durable. However, some users may face draining batteries while they charge their phones, which can be frustrating as it won’t let you charge your phone properly.

We have become so reliant on our cell phones that we depend on them to perform most of our daily tasks. And, if our phones do not charge properly, it will not only impact us but also disturb our work-related tasks. Therefore, our experts at Fix Point have developed this guide to help you fix your draining iPhone battery while you charge your phone.

We at Fix Point offer high-quality repair services at affordable rates. We highly recommend you visit a phone repair shop in case your phone requires repair, and do not try to fix it yourself at home, as phones contain delicate internal components that can be further damaged if we do not have the right tools and expertise to deal with them.

The tips mentioned below are easy and do not require professional expertise. Hence, it can be performed at home before you visit an iPhone repair shop to replace the battery. 

How To Fix Decreasing iPhone Battery While Charging? Tips By Phone Repair Store Experts

You can try the following methods to see if it fixes your problem. If it does not work out for you, you can always visit us at the Fix Point to get your device properly inspected, diagnosed, and fixed by the experts. 

Always Use Certified Chargers And Cables

It is always wiser to use a charger to charge your iPhone, certified by Apple. Usually, the charger and cable come with the phone. However, if you can no longer use the charger and cable that came with your phone or if your phone did not include it, you can purchase a charger that is designed specifically for iPhone from any Phone Repair Store.

If your phone’s battery is draining while charging it wirelessly, you may switch to a cable charger. 

Check If The Power Supply Is Adequate

Most times, it is the inadequate power supply that causes the phone’s battery to drain while you charge it. Therefore, you must ensure that your phone is hooked up to a sufficient power supply socket. 

You may consider getting a high-powered charger for your iPhone or a fast charger. Most of the 20W USB-C fast chargers can do the job for you. 

Is Optimised Charging Causing The Issue?

The iPhone manufacturer develops the optimized battery health feature to aid the battery’s health and life. However, sometimes, it can drain your iPhone battery while charging. Therefore, to ensure it is not causing the issue, you must turn it off by visiting the settings. Then click on the battery, then battery health, and from there, you can turn off the optimized battery feature.

Turning off this feature might not be a wise decision as it may impact your phone’s battery negatively in the longer run. However, you may turn it off to test if this feature has any impact on your phone’s battery drainage. 

It Might Be That Your Phone’s Battery Need a Replacement

If none of the above works in your favor, it may be that your phone’s battery needs a replacement. Unfortunately, no matter how advanced technology has become. An alternative to lithium-ion batteries has not been introduced yet. And as a matter of fact, lithium-ion batteries are meant to age with time. You may notice that your battery is not lasting as long as it used to at the start or that your device heats up after you use it for a while or that you experience your phone battery draining while you charge it. Well, it may be because your phone’s battery has become old and worn and needs a replacement.

In such a case, you can visit our phone repair store, Fix Point, to get your phone’s battery replaced conveniently. We use high-quality genuine replacement components to ensure that your phone returns to its original condition after the repair.

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