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How to Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone?

How to Fix Decreasing Battery While Charging iPhone

According to phone repair store experts, iPhone batteries are usually durable. However, some users may face draining batteries while they charge their phones, which can be frustrating as it won’t let you charge your phone properly. We have become so reliant on our cell phones that we depend on them to perform most of our […]

Best Music Player Apps Ranked By Phone Repair Store Professionals

music player app

Because of music streaming, private music collections are no longer the norm. However, many people still value the benefits of a personal music library. You can listen to higher-quality music, it works offline, and there is no monthly fee. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives listed by phone repair store professionals for grooving out to your […]

How To Pick The Perfect Phone Case From A Phone Repair Store?

Custom Phone Case

For most smartphone owners, a protective phone cover is a no-brainer. Others prefer skins or slim cases that don’t interfere with the feel or appearance of their smartphones. But cases are much more protective and purposeful, according to phone repair store experts. Fix Point will review some points to look for when buying a smartphone […]